Features of edPAL


A comprehensive feature that allows you to upload all of your notes, class materials, and homework in one place. Gone are the days of misplaced papers and messy tabs.

Time Boxing

Timeboxing is proven to be one of the best methods for improving productivity. Edpal provides this feature right at your fingertips for easy scheduling of events.


Plan your major events, deadlines, and birthdays all in one place with a simple tap on your device. No need to fill your backpack with another item to carry.


Stay motivated to organize by competing against friends and fellow peers at region, state, country, and global levels. Look forward to using EdPal to organize.


Connect with the platforms that you use for school, such as Google Drive, for easy upload and planning. EdPal is here to get rid of the headaches that come with decentralized material.

Endless Uploads

With premium, enjoy unlimited space for all of your assignments, notes, tests, videos, and more. You name it, we can upload it.


Earn recognition for your time spent being productive on EdPal. Our badges are a great addition to your LinkedIn profile or resume.

Custom Made

Mix and match color schemes on EdPal to your own preference. We understand the importance of having a visually appealing workspace to excite and motivate you.


No distractions and annoying pop ups to interrupt your user experience for only a few bucks a month. Organize to your heart's content.